My Bereaved Billionaire.

Life has given them a shot at being happy, will either of them be brave enough to take it?


My Bereaved Billionaire

Liberty Reynolds thought she’d escaped the small seaside town where she grew up. But a poorly dad and a business that won’t run itself has pulled her back. Leaving her life behind, she returns home to run the Pebble Cove Motel. But things soon start to unravel when she realises she can’t do it all alone.

Nathaniel Parker, the billionaire behind the world’s most successful online dating agency, is finally single—after years of having to pretend not to be. The wife he invented to help market his company has passed away, and he’s got one last commitment to get through before he can start searching for ‘the one’. He just wasn’t expecting to find her so soon.

A girl who’s thrown back into a life she tried to flee, too busy to find a good man. A man who is finally free of the secret he’s been tied to, unable to fall in love too soon. When their paths cross they realize that life has given them a shot at being happy. Will either of them be brave enough to take it?

The second in the My Billionaire A-Z, a clean billionaire romance series, My Bereaved Billionaire is a sweet romance story that will melt your heart.