My Dashing Billionaire.

A secret romance that could rock the very fabric of the royal household.

My Dashing Billionaire

Naïve young painter Everly Simpson has won the chance of a lifetime—an opportunity to study at the most prestigious art college in London. Traveling alone, all the way from her home town in Kansas, Everly has to battle not only homesickness and loneliness, but also a fellow artist determined to sabotage her work. It’s almost enough to send her home, until she comes face to face with the dashing patron of the college—a man who admires her as much as her talent.

Thirty-first in line to the British throne, Edward Harrington has a problem. Every year, his charity finances an art scholarship to find an undiscovered new talent, but this year he has fallen for one of the artists. Can he remain impartial and distant? And can he convince the royal household that a poor American girl is worthy of his love?

A painter thrown into a world she doesn’t know, who finds love in the most unlikely of subjects. A man whose family have already lined him up with a suitable woman, who yearns for freedom. A secret romance that could rock the very fabric of the royal household. With everything to play for, and everything to lose, what kind of future will they paint for themselves?

The fourth in the acclaimed My Billionaire A-Z, a clean billionaire romance series, My Dashing Billionaire takes you to the heart of Britain—tea, scones, and plenty of romance.